ice king feat. waving snail

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tried to emulate adventure time’s style, so of course i drew this

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AU where no one gets eaten




I have 88 readers! :)


Flame Princess fanart, love that character!  hope you like it! 
she enjoys the snow


Bee and PuppyCat #3 on Sale / Bee and PuppyCat #2 Sold Out

So we mentioned earlier how starting today you can get your mitts on the third issue of BOOM! Studios’ series of Bee and PuppyCat comics, but now the publisher is also announcing the second issue (AKA Bee and PuppyCat #2) is getting a reprint seeing the initial run has sold out. Comicosity has the details along with some pretty neat words of praise from the likes of Newsarama, IGN, and Comic Book Resources.

Buy issue #3 at your nearest comic book store or via the online thing here.

Bee and PuppyCat #3 Cover C by Chrystin Garland


Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake 005 (2013)

Small Cute Bright Pink Pointer